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We Want to Know.

It went a little something like this:
aic_weirdo 2005-12-13 07:42 pm

elusiveshoe 2005-12-13 07:45 pm
one of those smilies has double eyes! :O

aic_weirdo 2005-12-13 07:50 pm
don't hate it because it's different ::(

elusiveshoe 2005-12-13 07:51 pm
*pokes one set*

aic_weirdo 2005-12-13 07:54 pm
*other set bites you*

elusiveshoe 2005-12-13 07:54 pm
*slaps the two sets together*

aic_weirdo 2005-12-13 07:58 pm
*they seek revenge*

elusiveshoe 2005-12-13 07:59 pm
*creates protective shield*

aic_weirdo 2005-12-13 08:35 pm
that will not stand in the way of extra-eye-set smiley!

elusiveshoe 2005-12-14 08:21 am
but my kung-foo chicken will! *kapow*

aic_weirdo 2005-12-14 09:59 am
that's some interesting imagery... eyeful smiley vs. kung-foo chicken..

elusiveshoe 2005-12-14 10:22 am
hehe. a true comment-whore would make a poll to see who would win!

Don't judge us! =P

Poll #634400 kung-foo eyeball!

Who will win? The Kung-Foo Chicken or the Double Eyed Smilie?

OMG Chicken Chicken Chicken! *kapow*
The Eyeful Smiley! ::D
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