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6' down, 3" to the right.

Imaginary Shoe: Sushi was too big to flush, so he's making a trip to the landfill in a small coffee can. :-(
Hubwest Rob: Awwwww, he deserves at least a cigar box.
Imaginary Shoe: I know, but we didnt have any. :-( At least it was fancy, flavored coffee.
Hubwest Rob: Ohhhh. Fancy coffee is acceptable.
Imaginary Shoe: Yes, he will make his way to fishy heaven coated in french vanilla-caramel coffee grounds.
Hubwest Rob: Nice. I wanna be burned with fancy coffee.
Imaginary Shoe: Heheh. I have a friend that wants to be buried with his ham radio, flashlights and LED christmas lights lining his casket.
Hubwest Rob: Hahaha. Nice.

Poll #659095 Burry Me Please

What do you want to be buried with? (Or cremated with, if that's your wish)

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